“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou-


A future of Elevated health and well-being.


Our vision is to remind people that despite the many differences between us, we all share the common desire to feel healthy, and to Get Elevated®.

When we Get Elevated® together, we rise above our differences and have the opportunity to celebrate our commonalities. At the highest level, we are all the same.  

Our society today is full of anti-depressant use, substance overuse/abuse, disease, and unhealthy choices.

Young people in particular are exploring life and celebrating this journey. Unfortunately, this appears to simultaneously promote an excess of drug and alcohol use. People are not getting elevated, they are getting intoxicated…

To achieve a healthier and more elevated future, we must come together to shift our collective consciousness onto this goal.

Join us in our effort to help the world Get Elevated®


-Alexander Michael (Founder & CEO)




“Euphorix is the best drink I've ever used! There is no crash at all, and a friend suggested I try it while using medical marijuana (I have a terrible problem with insomnia, which means I'm rarely awake when I need to be).

You've made a lifelong customer of me. Thank you, just, thank you so much for creating this product.

It means so much to me to be able to be awake during sunlight hours without putting all those nasty chemicals that come from something like an energy drink into my body. You guys are anything but average.”

- Sinead Rutherford.


"I know this might sound strange, and a bit personal, but I thought you might be interested in knowing how your product has benefited me.

I'm 31 and have been on anxiety medication since I was 19. Up until I began drinking Euphorix, I've needed my medication pretty much every single day. Once I started drinking one a day, I haven't needed any medicine at all!

I rarely, if ever, have any anxiety anymore. I just want to thank you and also let you know how its helped me."

- Kristina Kleppinger


"I Really enjoyed the product, and will continue to order! Your customer service is A+ as well! Thanks for everything."

- Justin Shiver




Alexander Michael

Founder & CEO

About Alex

For as long as I can remember, I've embraced a thought paradigm that is largely antagonistic to the ways of modern mainstream society; primarily because the results of it seem to be poor - there are too many unhealthy and unhappy people. Throughout my formal education, and independently, I rigorously studied the physical and metaphysical sciences in hopes to find answers. 

It's safe to say that most people long for an understanding of why we are here and what our purpose is - certainly it couldn't be to be unhealthy or unhappy. I sought to find my own fulfilling purpose that would cultivate health and happiness for me, and for others.

Within a short period of time, I both fought through a serious personal physical illness, and through the emotional challenges from losing my father to the complications of cancer and a complex neurological disease. Shortly thereafter, a significant remainder of my already very small family had also passed on due to chronic disease, and unhealthy, unhappy lifestyles. These hardships served as a catalyst for me. At the time, I was pursuing a rigorous education toward the goal of practicing as a medical doctor and research scientist. Feeling stuck about this decision, and surrounded by a medical and healthcare system that manages disease, rather than cultivates health, I decided to embark solely in the direction of private research, consulting, disruptive product development, and my own path.

More importantly, I turned to an inner search for answers. Throughout a decade+ of intense daily meditation, Shamanically guided 'journeys of consciousness', self-reflection, and the study of metaphysical philosophy from all around the world, reality as I knew it began to deconstruct. What took its place, is best defined as an overwhelmingly elevated, empathetic, and humble realization that at the highest level, despite our physical worldly differences, we are all the same...

We all seek health and happiness in life above all else

 In breaking free from the indoctrinated societal prison of group-think, one thing above all else became resoundingly clear to me - each and every one of us has the innate capacity to feel happiness as the norm - not as an empty fixation like modern society often promotes it via superficiality, egotism, consumerism, and materialism.

I’ve created a mission and vision fueled lifestyle brand, and an efficacious, highly unique functional formula, which directly promotes the most demanded, and deficient state of mind in the entire modernizing world – an elevated sense of well-being.”

The Euphorix® brand is a vehicle for carrying out conscious lifestyle influences -  promoting the true definition of inner well-being, and the collective value of healthier choices, positive thinking, empathy, and selflessness.  

Join us in an effort to help the world Get Elevated®. 



Co-Founder & COO

About David

As a fellow explorer of consciousness, a passionate entrepreneur, and a talented team leader, David is a highly effective manager known for his meticulous attention to detail, balanced with his inherent likability.

David is humble and approachable, yet firm and precise – enabling him to thrive at managing human resources and operations.

David complements his business acumen with a coexisting creative talent. He has a strong background in graphic design, marketing, and branding – specializing in consumer goods.

These are only a few of the reasons that David is an indispensable asset to our team’s mission to help the world Get Elevated®