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Premium Herbal Infusion™ | Natural Nootropic Formula.










Premium Herbal Infusion™ | Natural Nootropic Formula.









[Low-dose cannabis infused version available in select California dispensaries in 2018]



Premium Herbal Infusion

For an elevated sense of well-being.



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"Euphorix® helps me feel clear minded and uplifted without any crash or calories!

- Manhattan, NY


“I love the benefits of Euphorix vs. energy drinks, which make me feel jittery and edgy."

- Los Angeles, CA


"Euphorix® helps me feel consistently sharp, focused, and in a great mood!"

- San Francisco, CA


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Premium Herbal Infusion™ | Natural Nootropic Formula.

Premium Herbal Infusion™ | Natural Nootropic Formula.


how it works

Feeling good should not be bad for you 


Our precise combination of rare, exotic, and clinically studied natural active ingredients promotes a uniquely elevated sense of well-being.


Feel uplifted, motivated, and clear minded.


With zero calories, zero artificial active ingredients, and all natural flavors, you can finally skip the jitters, sugar, and crashes.


Plant-based ingredients

Infused with rare & exotic herbal extracts


Nature has the tools to elevate health and well-being.

We simply found them for you. 


Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and modern science, we spent a decade searching for, and carefully selecting, rare and exotic herbal ingredients from all over the world.


Each serving of Euphorix® is infused with potent extracts of our carefully sourced herbal ingredients, inclusive of naturally extracted caffeine from green tea [Camellia Sinensis] similar to two cups of the finest matcha green tea.


Euphorix® unlocks the natural synergy between the active extracted components of green tea [Camellia Sinensis], euphoria fruit [Euphoria Longana], passion flower [Passiflora Incarnata], Suntheanine®, and Ashwagandha (KSM-66®); 
reminding people just how amazing the hidden secrets of nature can help them feel.


[Click the ingredient names above for links to clinical research!]